Spider Veins Treatments

Spider Veins Treatments

With the innovative KolorPen system, Spider Veins treatments have reached a new level of precision. This advanced technology allows for a highly accurate and targeted approach, ensuring that the treatment is focused precisely on the affected areas.

During the procedure, the therapeutic micro-drops are inserted exactly to the necessary depth, regardless of the skin type and without the risk of pigmentation to the skin. This element of the treatment ensures that it’s adapted to individual patient needs, offering a personalized approach to spider veins treatment.

The treatment is carried out in a completely hygienic manner, reducing the risk of infections or complications. This is particularly important when dealing with sensitive areas like the face.

During the procedure, the Spider Veins lines are being delicately “drawn” with the therapeutic liquid. The application process is gentle and meticulously controlled, ensuring that only the targeted veins are treated.