Data Recording

Efficient Data Recording

Our platform enables seamless and efficient two-way data transfer between Therapists and the Server, promote effective communication and empowering multiple business models.

With the ability to transfer information in real-time, our system allows

Therapists to receive essential data such as white papers, sales promotions, and more.

This ensures that Therapists stay up-to-date and have access to relevant information for their practice.

KolorPen CRM simplifies management and efficiency.

KolorPen CRM provides a range of powerful features to optimize
customer management and improve operational efficiency.

Customer Folder: Our system offers individual customer folders to
store vital information, treatment history, and personal preferences.

Consent Form: Simplify the process of obtaining and securely storing
client consent form.

Before and After Photos: Seamlessly capture and manage before and
after treatment photos.

These visual records document transformations and serve as
valuable resources for client consultations and progress tracking.

Appointment System: Our advanced scheduling system streamlines

the booking process for therapists and clients.

With intuitive features and customizable options, managing

appointments becomes efficient and convenient.

Comprehensive Treatment Records: Our CRM maintains meticulous

records of each client’s treatment history. This includes a detailed

overview of past procedures, dates, and associated details.

Therapists can access this information to provide personalized care,

track progress, and ensure consistent treatment.