Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia.

In the KolorPen procedure, a numbing agent like lidocaine is used to create micro-droplets of anesthetic solution. These droplets are then injected into the targeted area to induce numbness, minimizing discomfort during the treatment.

For instance, consider the hair transplant procedure at Dr. Ginzburg’s clinic. In this procedure, tissue from the back of the head is removed and then transplanted to a bald area at the front. This technique usually involves a significant amount of pain because it requires multiple needle insertions in both the area where the tissue is taken from (the donor site) and the area where it is transplanted to (the recipient site).

However, at Dr. Ginzburg’s clinic, this pain and discomfort are effectively mitigated using the KolorPen system. This technology enables Dr. Ginzburg to numb the respective areas in a pain-free manner before proceeding with the needle injections, thus making the whole process much more comfortable for the patient.