We Pave the Way…

Non-Invasive Piezoelectric

Technology for Micro-Droplets

Insertion for Cosmetics & Medical Applications

The Technology

KolorPen® developed, the first and only, revolutionary non-invasive way of delivering liquid into the skin using Piezoelectric Technology. KolorPen® patented technology has clear advantages over the technologies available to date. It enables pain-free treatments, with no danger of contamination and with significant reduction in treatment and recovery time. Our Piezoelectric Technology is the perfect solution for a wide array of aesthetic procedures.

The Technology

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Our Vision

The need for cosmetics and medical aesthetics treatments is widespread. The problems related to usage of needles and other invasive techniques, are well documented. Several devices have been developed to deliver the liquid without a needle, by pushing a high velocity liquid stream. Unfortunately, all these devices lack a major required element – control. Control of the quantity of liquid, penetration depth and of droplet repetition rate.

Through an innovative delivery approach using KolorPen patented Piezoelectric Technology, the liquid insertion becomes easy, safe and painless, with full control of depth and volume.

KolorPen Solution

KolorPen’s Needle-Less, Non-Invasive, No-Touch device take the liquid composition and breaks it down into micro-droplets (hundreds of nano liters) and as a result, there is no pain, no bleeding, completely sterile, no healing period, no downtime, no skin injury, and no epidermal damage. The operation is controlled through a wireless tablet and recorded on a cloud- based system. KolorPen system authenticate the injectables, so only approved liquids can be used, allowing multiple business models.

KolorPen® patented technology has clear advantages over the technologies available to date. It provides significant advantages both to the patient and the therapist.





Permanent makeup


Tattoo removal

Hyaluronic Acid


Collagen Buildup

Local Anesthesia

Skin Lesions

Advantages to patients:

Pain-free, bloodless treatments

No fear of needles and cross contamination

No healing period / downtime

No skin injury

Minimal epidermal damage

Advantages to therapist:

Safe and easy – No skin contact

Full control of depth and liquid volume

Significant reduction in treatment and recovery time

No Residual Volume (Splash)

Ability to “draw” perfect lines

Cosmetics Applications​

Cosmetic procedures are today a significant part of our well-being and many require delivery of pigments with repetitive procedures. Unfortunately, needles are the standard delivery method, but using needles has many drawbacks, from pain to infections.

KolorPen® usage in skin cosmetics treatments have been tested by professional beauty salons, and the results were validated by an external laboratories.

The main advantages listed by the clients and the beauticians were: no pain, no bleeding, no risk of cross contamination, no fear of needle procedure, reduction of recovery time, much shorter treatment time, and no epidermis damage.

Some of the cosmetic procedures where KolorPen system provides significant advantages are:

Medical Applications​

KolorPen system is an ideal solution for the subcutaneous treatments requirements.

KolorPen patented Piezoelectric Technology advantage is its ability to deliver micro-droplets exactly into a large affected skin with accuracy and full control of droplets depth and volume.

By injecting Non-Invasive, No-Touch, Needle-Free micro-droplets compositions to the skin, KolorPen Piezoelectric Technology provides an innovative and unique solution for treatments like Medical aesthetics, skin diseases, dental medicine, psoriasis, acne, alopecia, dental nerve anesthesia, skin rejuvenation, Microneedling, Collagen buildup, and skin remodeling. Some examples for compositions injections are: Sculptra‪,‬ Radiesse – Calcium hydroxylapatite‪,‬ Paromomycin‪,‬ Minoxidil and more‪.‬

KolorPen provides the ideal technology: non-invasive, painless, safer, shorter treatment time, no epidermal damage, and almost zero recovery times. An additional important application is by applying the active ingredient on the skin and using liquid droplets to push it into the dermis.

The advantage of using KolorPen product instead of Needles, RF treatment, Laser treatment is clear – a much less aggressive and more effective treatment.

About Us

KolorPen Ltd. is an Israeli-based company that has developed a unique Piezoelectric Technology for non-invasive Cosmetics and Medical Aesthetics treatments. KolorPen team are experts from physics, chemistry, electronics, micro-mechanics, and software development. After investigating several technologies, the team reached the conclusion that a product based on Piezoelectric Technology  is the ideal solution for Cosmetics and Medical Aesthetics treatments. To validate this solution, KolorPen established collaboration with the Tissue Research Institute of HaEmek Hospital for histological tests of KolorPen applications. Once the solution was validated, KolorPen focused on comprehensive testing, both internally and externally.

Dr. Yitzhak Weissman

Physicist & Development

Ms. Ina Bennoun

Beauty Medic and Reconstructive Micropigmentation

B.Sc. Lilya Basin

Chemical Engineering - Materials Science

M.Sc Meir Yaniv

Advisory Board

Dr. Joseph Shiri

Dermatologist, Advisory Board

B.Sc. Shony Sinay

Electronic Hardware Developer

B.Sc. Meir Arnon

Advisory Board

B.Sc. Eyal Artsiely

Mechanical Development

B.Sc. Aibrahem Sawaed

Software Developer, R&D Manager

B.Des. Shahar Navot

Tattoos Artist

Provides non-invasive, painless, and safe medical aesthetics treatments

KolorPen Enhance Your Beauty

KolorPen® device generate a fine stream of liquid droplets that is forced through a specially designed nozzle. The velocity of the stream enables the liquid to penetrate the tissue to the required depth. The procedure is virtually pain free, safe, without needle stabbing. It is risk free of injuries and infections.

KolorPen® patented Piezoelectric Technology has been extensively tested and validated and is protected by registered patents in the USA, EU, and Israel. The technology has been tested both in-vitro and in-vivo and has undergone microbiology and safety evaluations by accredited laboratories. KolorPen® non-invasive Piezoelectric Technology provides clear advantages vs. RF or laser treatments, both to the client receiving the treatment and the beautician giving the treatment.

How Do We Do It

The droplets insertion is achieved using energy generated by a piezoelectric actuator that creates a droplets jet with a speed of 350 m/sec. and a diameter of 100 microns. Sub-dermal penetration achieved is over 6,000 µm, well above that needed for the target applications. The penetration depth is regulated by controlling the applied power and the size of the liquid droplets by a proprietary embedded software on a wireless tablet.

Treatments Management Capabilities

We record Client full Identification and all the details of the treatment, such as:

  • Product Type, Serial Number and Log File
  • The Data Of The liquid Used
  • Client Data And Pictures
  • Client Geographical Location
  • System On/Off Time
  • The Number Of Drops Per Second Used
  • Signed Consent Form
  • The Size Of The Drop Transmitted
  • The Quantity Of Pigments Used
  • The Number Of Drops Per Treatment
  • Duration Of The Treatment

We eliminate The Use Of Unapproved liquid.
The liquids used by the KolorPen device are protected by a proprietary QR code so that only liquids carrying the KolorPen QR approved code can be used.


Permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics, or cosmetic tattooing is a cosmetic procedure used to improve coloring of the skin. The permanent makeup is most often used on the face in places like eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliner, and lips. It’s also used to cover scars and restore color to areas of skin that have lost color.

KolorPen® is particularly suited for micropigmentation procedures.  It provides very accurate results – the color lines are thin, and very precise.

KolorPen also can be used for inserting active ingredients, like serums, without the need to use needles, by applying the ingredient on the skin and using liquid droplets to push it into the dermis. 

Histology Reports

Work done on pig skin with the KolorPen system and histological reports issued by the Tissue Research Institute of Haemek Hospital shows that there is no epidermal damage and that the penetration depth is about 1,000μm, the droplet spread is about 250μm, and the point of penetration is about 35μm

Collagen Buildup with Hot Droplets Insertion

Clinical studies have shown that coagulative heat micro-trauma creates ongoing Collagen remodeling. The subcutaneous heating techniques available today are Laser and RF, but NONE OF THEM can insert hot active composition droplets into the skin that both warms the skin and allows collagen to build and provides the therapeutic effect of the liquid inserted. KolorPen patented technology is the only one that performs this combined therapeutic effect by inserting hot droplets into the skin!
  • KolorPen system with warm droplets will have collagen buildup in addition to the droplets therapeutic effect
  • Energy is delivered at precise temperature to precise depths.
  • Significantly less discomfort, and risk of complications.
  • Serum insertion stimulates collagen production and improve skin texture.
  • Works on all skin colors

Using the KolorPen pen a hot water droplets were injected into a pig skin at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, through a nozzle of 100 microns and at a rate of 50 drops per second, the histological picture shows the action of the hot droplets in the marked area

Needle-Free “Microneedling”

  • The KolorPen system offers a no-needle alternative to micro-needling. Using Piezoelectric Technology, KolorPen system increases material absorption into the skin without wounding the skin or triggering inflammation.
  • The KolorPen’s system is “shooting” droplets on the material applied on the skin, penetrating it to the required depth in a precise and comfortable way to the patient.
  • KolorPen system works on the same principle as micro-needling or CIT (collagen induction therapy) but without the use of needles, creating micro-channels into the skin to deliver product ingredients, that would otherwise struggle to bypass the skins.
  • Attached are the results of a histological reports of using the KolorPen’s technology for applying blue cream on the pig skin.
  • As describe in the attached histological report, the cream was penetrated to the required depth with no epidermal damage.
  • KolorPen technique can be used for any insertion of high viscosity serum and cream for Skin Rejuvenation, Micro-Needling, Facial Skin Massage and more.

Reuven Gamliel, B.Sc


Mr. Gamliel is the founder, inventor and the CEO of KolorPen, Mr. Gamliel has over 35 years of experience in the Hi-Tech industry including products developing, worldwide marketing activities, and strategic alliance. Mr. Gamliel was the Founder, Chairman and President of Gambit Computer Communications Ltd. A hi-tech company that developed Networking products for corporate applications.

Mr. Gamliel led Gambit through a series of strategic and OEM agreements including the strategic alliance with Memorex Telex, Inc. a worldwide leader in the IBM compatible market. Under Mr. Gamliel’s management, Gambit went public in the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. Mr. Gamliel holds B. Sc. in Computers & Electronic Engineering from the Technion, Haifa Israel.

Dr. Yitzhak Weissman

Physicist & Development​

Dr. Weissman educated as a physicist, and obtained his Ph.D Degree from Tel Aviv University (Israel) at 1980. Dr. Weissman scientific career lasted for about 30 years, and was devoted to research in quantum mechanics and optics. During this period Dr. Weissman published over 30 papers in the scientific literature and a scientific books. Dr. Weissman scientific activity gave way to technological R&D, and his publications were replaced by patents.

Dr. Weissman skills include creativity and initiative, Innovations, excellent capability in fast and efficient proof of concept and feasibility study, ability to analyze and design complex interdisciplinary systems.

Ms. Ina Bennoun

Beauty Medic and Reconstructive Micropigmentation

Ms. Ina Bennoun is an international level expert and trainer in the field of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Micropigmentation.
She has over 15 years of extensive experience working with professional experts, top plastic surgeons and dermatologists through corrective procedures of post-surgical interventions.
Ina is the director of Beauty Medic and a partner of the Micro-ID UK (Swiss Color), she is also a member on the scientific board of the ESTP organization (European Society of Tattoo and Pigment Research). She is the Founder and President of the Israeli Micro Pigmentation Association, leading many forums in this field.
Ina has developed a unique technique of medical tattooing, lecturing and training worldwide. She is a specialist in nipple-areola reconstruction, scars and burns, retouching using skin needling and camouflage, vitiligo pigmentation, cleft lip restoration and hair simulation for alopecia.

Ina holds a BA in arts from the Israeli Technion and has MPMU multiple certifications from academics worldwide.    

B.Sc. Lilya Basin

Chemical Engineering - Materials Science

Lilya, is a senior chemical engineer with extensive experience in developing pigments for various industries applications including the medical aesthetics industry and has experience in diagnosing, analyzing, and monitoring various toxins parameters and has an experience of international standards protocols. 

Lilya is currently developing all the process to create and produce the set of pigments for permanent makeup that contains special properties related to viscosity, flow, pigment size and other properties.

Ishay Erel, M.B.A. Insead


Mr. Erel is an experienced business manager, proven entrepreneur and International financial consultant. Mr. Erel has established the leading Infrastructure Finance consulting platform in Israel and had a long career as investment banker. 

Mr. Erel served on the Board of directors in several companies, including a leading Israeli Asset Management firm, and the trading subsidiary of a large Industrial multinational UK group. Mr. Erel holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering & Management from the Technicon in Haifa, Israel and an MBA from INSEAD, France.

M.Sc Meir Yaniv

Advisory Board

Mr. Meir Yaniv brings more than 40 years of industry experience, deep expertise and knowledge and executive management experience in building businesses in US, Europe, Asia Pacific and Israel. Meir currently acts as a business development advisor to start-up companies in Israel and abroad. 

With a strong technical background and an entrepreneurship impetus, Meir founded and managed several companies and was involved in their worldwide development. In the latter part of Meir career, he was responsible, as a C level executive, for building global sales and support networks for US companies and established and managed subsidiaries in the major Europe and Asia Pacific markets. Currently, Meir is active and serves on the Board of Directors of several companies that have developed medical and cosmetics related products. Meir holds a BSc and MSc in Sciences from the Technion in Haifa.

Dr. Joseph Shiri

Dermatologist, Advisory Board

Dr. Shiri graduated Ben-Gurion University and specialized in the Department of Skin and Sex Medicine at the Shibba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer. Dr. Shiri instructed medical students in dermatology for many years. Over the years Dr. Shiri also conducted numerous dermatological studies for various pharmaceutical companies. 

Dr. Shiri is a member of the Israeli Association of Dermatology and Sexology and has been a member of the National Committee of this Association, as well as a member of the American Academy and the European Academy of Dermatology. From 2003 to 2006 he served as Chairman of the Israeli Society of Dermatologic Surgery. Today, Dr. Shiri manages an advisory skin clinic and performs aesthetic treatments such as filling wrinkles with various fillers, removing stains and skin tumors, removing venous capillaries in the legs, various types of pilling, from superficial to deep areas, and Botox injections.

B.Sc. Shony Sinay

Electronic Hardware Developer​

Shony has more than 15 years of experience in board design and projects management, Shony is considered as hardware designer and expert. Shony worked as senior developer engineer in IAI and Elbit and as a project manager in CI-systems and startup companies, Shony has deep knowledge in electronic systems development, starting from the RFQ and ending up with a fully functional and regulated product. Some of the applications comply with the demanding military environmental, EMC and safety specifications, others developed for the harsh industry environment and others designed for commercial use. 

Shony experience include iMX6, ARM, MSP430, AtMega, DSP, OMAP, C++ drivers, Linux, WIN-CE, Windows OS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and PID algorithm.

B.Sc. Meir Arnon

Advisory Board

Meir is an Israeli serial entrepreneur and investor focused on disruptive technologies in the global automotive and smart mobility spaces.

As a founding member of the smart mobility industry in Israel, Meir has a deep understanding of smart mobility ventures and innovation partnerships. He is focus on bringing innovative technologies to global automotive manufacturers. 

Meir holds a B.Sc. from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and is a graduate of INSEAD and HBS. He is an active member of YPO and the founder of the YPO Automotive Network.

B.Sc. Eyal Artsiely

Mechanical Development

B.Sc. Eyal Artsiely is engaged in the development of innovative and creative solutions for micro-mechanical products. The range of development areas is wide and includes locks, firearm mechanisms, manufacturing tools, conveyor systems, vending machine elements and space and vehicle components that provide added value and intellectual property to the product. 

Mr. Artsiely has held, during the past years, the positions of VP R&D for Rav-Bariach, a leader Israeli security products manufacturer, and an R&D engineer for Mul-T-Lock, creating successful and bestselling products.

B.Sc. Aibrahem Sawaed

Software Developer, R&D Manager

Aibrahem as B.Sc. Physics and Biomedical Engineering is a senior developer with extensive experience in the field of software development and complex communication applications. Aibrahem’s experience and knowledge include PythonAndroid, XML, HTML, C #, KOTLIN, Swift, Java Scrip, Objective C, Java, and also include Integrated development environment such Xcode languages, IntelliJ Idea, Visual Studio, Eclipse and full control of operating systems like MAC-OS, Windows, Linux. 

Aibrahem is responsible for developing the hardware and the software architecture of the company’s products in a way that will always be at the frontend of the global technology.

B.Des. Shahar Navot

Tattoos Artist

Shahar is a veteran illustrator and graphic designer, a Bezalel graduate who “crossed the lines” and has many years of experience as a tattoo artist, Shahar has an understanding of the skin structure, properties, characteristics and experience in performing delicate, special and highly complex tattoos, hold of a business license and supervised by the Ministry of Health. 

As early as 2017 he began experimenting with the KolorPen system, and lots of his works with KolorPen system hanging on the company walls.