Intellectual Property

Device and Method for Repetitive Needleless Injection

US Patent No. US 10,709,843 B2​

Field of the Invention:

This innovation is in the field of needleless injection technology.

Overview of the Invention:

The invention presents a handheld device designed for needleless injections. This device is specifically tailored for repetitive use and offers a new method for injecting liquids into a surface without using needles.

Key Components:

  • Handheld Unit: The device features a compact, handheld design, making it user-friendly and portable.
  • Liquid Cell: A specialized cell within the unit holds the liquid to be injected.
  • Propulsion Mechanism: This mechanism generates pressure pulses, propelling micro-jets of liquid from the cell through an orifice in the device at high velocity, allowing for penetration into the surface without needles.
  • Reservoir and Conduit: A reservoir is linked to the cell via a conduit, ensuring a continuous flow of liquid into the cell, replacing the ejected liquid.
  • Controller: An integrated controller operates the propulsion mechanism, allowing for the repetitive ejection of liquid in a controlled, precise manner.

Benefits of the Invention:

  • Needleless: Eliminates the need for traditional needles, reducing discomfort and risk of needle-stick injuries.
  • Repetitive Use: Designed for multiple, consecutive injections, enhancing efficiency in various applications.
  • Precision: The micro-jet technology ensures accurate and consistent delivery of liquid into the target surface.

This invention represents a significant advancement in the field of injection technology, offering a safer, more efficient alternative to traditional needle-based methods.