Micro Pigmentation

Micro Pigmentation Enhances Your Beauty

Micro-pigmentation is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique that enhances facial features and can be used to conceal scars resulting from injuries or surgeries.

KolorPen technology is a non-invasive micro-pigmentation procedure that offers exceptional precision without touching the skin. This ensures the highest level of accuracy and hygiene, minimizing the risk of infections.

To use the device, simply hover it over the skin and the pigments will penetrate.

Benefits of KolorPen technology

  • Exceptional precision without touching the skin
  • Hygienic and reduces the risk of infections
  • Non-invasive for faster healing and a comfortable experience
  • No pain
  • No skin injury
  • No epidermal damage
  • Results with a very fine lines

Micro Pigmentation Histology Reports

In an experiment where blue pigment was introduced into pig skin and the results analyzed using histological examination, it was clearly observed that:

Depth of Penetration: The blue pigment managed to penetrate deep into the skin, reaching a remarkable depth of approximately 1,000 microns.
Width of Penetration: The spread of the pigment in the horizontal plane (width) was about 250 microns.
Penetration Point: The initial point where the pigment entered the skin was observed to be around 35 microns.

The most significant revelation from this study came from the histological examination. Histology involves the study of the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues. In this context, the histological analysis showed:

Epidermis Preservation: Despite the depth and width of the pigment’s penetration, the epidermis remained undamaged. This is crucial because damage to the epidermis can lead to various complications, including potential infections, scarring, or other adverse reactions.
Promising Outcomes: The fact that there’s no observed damage to the epidermis while achieving deep penetration suggests that KolorPen non-invasive, needle-free method will have benefits in applications where deep skin penetration without surface damage is desired.

The histological examination, was conducted at a reputable institution: the Tissue Research Institute of Haemek Hospital in Israel.