Precise Insertion and High Repetition Rate

KolorPen employs a nozzle designed to facilitate narrow insertion, allowing micro-droplets to pass through with a diameter ranging between 50μm-200μm. This ensures accuracy and control during the procedure. With the capability of delivering up to 100 droplets per second (i.e 3ml/min), at a droplet speed of 350m/sec (1,260 km/h). This high repetition rate enables swift and efficient treatment sessions. Using a wireless tablet interface, KolorPen system allows for precise control over the volume of each micro-droplet. Users can adjust the volume between 200nL-500nL per droplet, tailoring the treatment to specific requirements.

Full Control of Speed, Volume, Penetration Depth, Dose, and Temperature.

Minimal Discomfort and Side Effects:

KolorPen technology offers a range of advantages, including a painless experience, absence of bleeding, no epidermal damage and zero risk of contamination. Thus, significantly reduces treatment and recovery time and eliminates the need for healing periods and downtime. The net result is increased overall safety and patient satisfaction. After treatment, immediate recovery occurs with no redness or swelling of the skin.