what is kolorpen?

KolorPen Ltd. is a pioneering company specializing in piezoelectric technology for non-invasive cosmetics and medical aesthetics. Our team consists of experts in physics, chemistry, electronics, micro-mechanics, and software development. Together, we have developed a unique solution based on Piezoelectric Technology for micro droplets insertion, which has undergone extensive internal and external testing to validate its efficacy. In collaboration with the Tissue Research Institute of HaEmek Hospital, we conducted histological tests to ensure the safety and effectiveness of KolorPen applications. This partnership has further demonstrated the potential of our solution for cosmetics and medical aesthetics treatments. At KolorPen, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing advanced non-invasive solutions that deliver exceptional results. KolorPen continuously develops new applications, as well as developing new products. In order to achieve these goals, KolorPen is open to team up with strategic partners and investors.